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Why are entrepreneurs and executives of large enterprises demanding more functionality, more scalability, more mobility today? Businesses can’t grow without nurturing customers, and consumer expectations have changed dramatically in recent times. People expect seamless customer support along with smooth purchase experience via their preferred means of communication — mobile phones. But beyond the direct connection with your clients, mobile applications are vastly extending software capabilities.

When searching for the development platform, entrepreneurs choose either the simplest one to deal with or the platform that gives access to the very best ecosystem. Salesforce & Microsoft are leading players in the platform-ecosystem world, offering serious assets for entrepreneurs and developers alike. …

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If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, you cannot overlook Salesforce. The unique combination of both SaaS and PaaS services offering from a single vendor formed a new level of flexibility of websites & apps development, where minimum prior coding is required. Cloud computing is dominating the current market, with Salesforce being featured as one of the largest platforms for business software development.

Before we dive into the advantages of using this technology as your website platform, let’s figure out what we are talking about.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the world’s leader in the cloud services industry that specializes in CRM. It is a SaaS (Software as a Service) company, which hosts the applications on its servers and makes them available to clients over the Internet from any device. The provider offers various products for users and developers to build and distribute custom software via a subscription model. …

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Many organizations have been increasingly using the services of Salesforce for a plethora of benefits. The platform provides the ability to build personalized business solutions with tons of capabilities out of the box and allows for virtually endless customization & innovation.

Salesforce’s declarative development opportunities made the software creation process easier on the companies’ IT departments. Through a combination of drag-and-drop user interfaces and form builders, the vendor enables citizen developers to build a working app and start using it in hours.

However, many businesses are looking for customizations beyond the scope of what declarative tools offer in a bid to meet their more specific requirements. At this point, the need for custom code rises. …



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